A Common Ending: Weekend Freewrite

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The red liquid looked like blood. But she couldn't be sure - and who has blood in a glass on the table? She told herself that she shouldn't get carried away with her thoughts. After all, they had been at a hot spring all day with her grandpa. There wouldn't be time for him to get blood. "Silly girl," she said to herself softly.

She started to look around the room from her chair. The walls are a light blue. There are a couple pictures on the wall, some of horses and some with people who look like family. There was a small desk near the window. A small bed made for one. One closet door, which was closed, and that was it. The window is open a sliver. Outside the window down below, there is a pond.

She hears him coming up the steps. Each step is followed by the sound of the creaking, wooden boards and the heels of his shoes hitting the wood. It made her stomach churn but she didn't understand why this was happening.

Hugo loved flowers and everyone knew this. So, before he had entered the room, she took out the flower she had brought with her. Her friends told her a flower would be the thing to win him over. However, being inside of the house, she saw no evidence of him actually liking flowers.

He enters the doors without knocking. She holds the flower up. "Ah, yes. A flower. Great. Let's put that in water before it withers in this heat." He takes the flower from her hand and tosses it over his shoulder. "Or, we can just leave it where it lands."

"I thought that you liked flowers."

"I do, but not when they are killed and/or dying. People picking things better left not to be picked is quite aggravating to me."

"Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend." She sits back down at the table. He comes up behind her.

"Don't worry about the flower, Susana. Mistakes happen." He began to rub her tight shoulders. This didn't make her want to relax. She could sense something was up but hadn't been able to pinpoint the feeling that was coming up.

"What is in the glass on the table, Hugo?"

"You want to know what is in the glass on the table?"


"It is a red liquid."

"Playing games with me?"

"Why not. We came here to play games, did we not?"

She suddenly stood up. "I want to go home." She moved to the door. She wasn't fast enough. Hugo smacked her upside the head and she fell down to the ground. The next moments she has no recollection of, other than a hideous laugh transforming into a crying in bliss.

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Weekend Freewrite - 5/26/2018 - Part 1 - The First Sentence

Freewrite brought to you by @mariannewest

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Arghhhh. I don't think I like Hugo at all! Not a nice guy! 🤪

Hoping that you are having a wonderful day!! Of course, you want to write!! We knew that and here is your next prompt 😘


make sure you always put the tag freewrite on your freewrites as well. that gets you the bot vote from our witness sponsor.


Opps. I meant too. This new computer is throwing me for a loop. I don’t yet know how to do things quickly. Thanks.

Man I hope there's a part II...


Thanks. I was actually having a hard time writing this. I'm glad you enjoyed it.