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Hi Friends,

This weekend was a fun one for my little family.

On Saturday morning, we made a drive to go see the kid’s grandma and grandpa (my wife’s side), but it was raining really hard and we had to go through a mountain pass so it took a bit longer than normal but we made it safe. Once there, the kids enjoyed playing all day with the toys there and we stayed warm int the house, as it was quite cold and rainy. It was a nice, relaxing time.

We spent the night at my in-law’s house and then we went out for a big breakfast in the morning. I had a great meal of pancakes, eggs, bacon and coffee... good stuff! We then played around in the living room and I was able to watch some of the golf match, and then we watched the Super Bowl. Living in LA, I was cheering for the Los Angeles Rams of course, but there certainly was not much to cheer about as they didn’t play well offensively and lost the game. Oh well. I did win my FanDuel Fantasy Golf contest and ended up having the 7th highest score out of 400+ entries (top 55% doubled their wager) so that was cool. Also, traffic was light heading home today so that was a bonus!

Here are a couple of pics from the weekend:

(Kids doing their things while the super bowl was on)

(Kids tackling each other like on TV)

Overall, it was a nice weekend but I am already dreading the busy week ahead!

Hope each of you had a good weekend too!


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Have a great weekend sir. Jacob and Kendra both are looking so happy playing in the ground with toys. Thanks again for sharing your best moments with us.

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Hi friend!! It is seen that it was a fun weekend, very good pictures of your children.