Weekend Recap

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Hi Friends,

I had a good weekend and hope each of you did as well.

We went out to Arizona to spend time with family and to celebrate a birthday. We had a lot of fun! We took out our boat, and did a little swimming, but the water was still pretty cold so we didn’t stay in too long. We played some games and had good food. We also did a few things around the house - repairs and maintenance type stuff.

I did manage to sneak out and do a little fishing on Sunday morning. I was throwing big swimbaits looking for a giant striped bass, but didn’t have any luck. I switched over to a smaller setup to catch something and landed one smallmouth bass just so I wouldn’t get “skunked”.



Overall, a nice weekend!

Thanks for coming by,



I love fishing @brian.rrr

That’s awesome! 😎

enjoy😎, i like fishing, but sometimes feel bored with just waiting without getting any fish .. but it's a pleasure .. have a good weekend😎😎

Thanks, fishing is a great hobby!

It is a wonderful day in which you are enjoying the happiness with your family, it is good to catch fish. @brain.rrr

Thank you for the kind words my friend!

Awesome, Brian! I have gone fishing a few times lately here in AZ. Skunked the last two times, but caught a nice trout in the Salt River a few weeks ago. They stock the community lakes every two weeks with catfish. That smallmouth looks great! Fun to catch too.

Nice, trout fishing is a lot of fun, and catching anything is always a blast!

Indeed! I don't even mind catching perch or bluegill lol