Lost world

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My partner and I headed off for a morning walk today, as we do most days, however went to an area we hadn't been to for a while. After the thirty minute drive we arrived in the foothills and after pulling on our backpacks began our walk.

It was a little wet in places as we'd had some overnight rain however it didn't impede us at all, we just had to be a little careful of our footing in places. The small streams were running well though, due to the rain, and it made a nice soundtrack to our walk. There's something peaceful about heading into nature in the early morning, the lack of other people and the sounds of nature seem to go together and we walked along in silence mainly.

I took this picture on my phone as it reminded me of a Jurassic world, a lost world where humans had never walked before. It was very quiet in this little valley and as we walked deeper the flora changed dramatically, the native scrub giving way to huge ferns. Had a dinosaur walked by we wouldn't have been surprised.

After our walk we headed off to a cafe for a coffee and some scones with strawberry jam and cream, then home, satisfied with our early morning walk in the lost world, only thirty minutes away...

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