Best dab rigs and bongs for Van Life??

in weedcash •  5 months ago 

So I have some glass that I have had for some time, including one bigger bong that is currently put away. The problem is, I want to have some kind of bong and dab rig in the van, but do t want the risk of breaking my good glass. So I pose a question to the community, what is the best dab rig, other than a pen, as you see I have one, and unbreakable travel bong that would stand up to van life? My glass is going in storage for a while and looking to pick up a new piece. Anyway, bong I can deal with, I can get a silicon or old school plastic graffix bong or something, but I am really looking more for a dab rig... Anyway, if you have some good ideas, let me know! Thanks!

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And my silicone bong has a titanium dab nail too... And glass bowl.

Pelican case. Got both my dragon and my dab rig encased and protected.

Just got a mini nectar collector travel kit too!

Get yourself a cushioned bong case to protect it. My friend had one of those and would roll around with a $300 bong in his car everywhere he went.

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