Weed Cash Concept Shirts for the Community + More.

The What: WEED CASH T Shirt.

Well, everyone knows I (@sirlunchthehost) enjoy smoking Pot + I make clothing and etc. So I thought why not make a Weed Cash Shirt. While I was crafting the Logo Design and Prepping everything for the creation of this shirt, I thought to myself..Why not offer The Weed Cash shirt up to the Community for Weed Cash? If theres enough demand for it I would be willing to sell Weed Cash




And So here is the Big reveal!


Heres is the Original WEED CASH Logo


And Here Is What I did To It


And As you saw, here is the finished product!


Right, so as I was saying. If theres a big enough demand or ask, I will sell the WEED CASH T Shirts for WEED CASH.

Over the next few weeks I will be dropping more Logos and Designs involving WEED CASH so stay tuned for that.

Yours Truly, @sirlunchthehost weeble of @cmmerch


Previous Works includes Shirts for: Steem-Engine & Drama Token.

Any Shirts I make can be ordered and paid for with Steem/ A Few Steem Engine Tokens. Ill make a list of whats being accepted later.


Wow, super excited about this! excellent work.

Thank you my good sir! bows

I'm saving up to buy one!

Nice work man as always!

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Beautiful work! I don't know what weed cash is, but I want one! Is there any way you can do one, or already have, with "cannabis" instead of weed? I sell cbd oil, and I would love to wear it out and about! Do you print on hemp fabric?

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I can do custom orders, so changing 'Weed' to 'Cannabis' is do able.
Right now I do not Print on hemp fabric, but hope to be able to in the near future.
If you are interested in getting a shirt done, reach out sirlunchthehost#5270 on Discord.

Thank you for the support and love!

Ummmmm....Yes, I would love one!

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