Helping Promote WEED CASH in WEED SHOPS Part 1.

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So yesterday I was talking to @richardcrill and came up with the wonderful idea to help promote WEED CASH inside WEED SHOPS. Through CMMerch I have various connections with La Mota and Electric Lettuce.

So after a lengthy conversation with some of the big wigs at Electric Lettuce, they decided that it would be awesome to promote WEED CASH to their Customers & also use the site themselves.

Heres the Run Down.

Free WEED CASH Promotion. Posters, Cards, Etc
Sell WEEDCASH Merch. Shirts, Hats, Etc
Promote Customers signing up to WEEDCASH.

I'll give a more detailed post over the next week or so, but I just wanted to update the Community!



Here is their website:

Heres some previous post including some work I've done with Electric Lettuce.


I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Excellent work man! Thank you!

I love the shirt. I love this idea of it being in other stores. Good job you two!

This is awesome! Love the shirt too! Great work spreading the word about Weed Cash! 💚

dope!! how can i get one? i live in Greece....

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sweet! for anyone who wants to join they would need to sign up for a steemit account as well is that right?

I think so, yes.

Very excited to see this! You have our support.

Yo that is so dope man, Better than what I wanted to do, way to put it out there!

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