Blue frost

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Hello dear friends! Today I woke up very early, the first thing I looked out of the window was to find out what the weather is outside. There was fog on the street and I saw beautiful blue frost lying on my medicinal plant, the leaves took on a stronger purple color. I had a small jamb, I took a camera and went to photograph beautiful buds. As long as there is such an opportunity.


When I reached the bush, I was excited about its beauty in general terms, but to be honest, the buds did not lend themselves well to photography, because of the blue frost, the buds closed from a little cold. I went to the bush as the sun came out, and was surprised how the buds opened in the sun, about how beautiful and fragrant they are. Look at your friends themselves.


Friends have a nice day, see you soon.



All health and profit.

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Most strains like the natural weather. Afghanis love cold and definitely brings out a defense mechanism to protect the plant from cold. Which gives us reds and purples!!!

So yeah also helps them get a warning that the season changes.

Now if we are talkin about an equatorial sativa there is no way in hell it is going to finish flowering before middle of February.

I had a strain Thai tanic that was in equatorial sativa it had a extremely long flowering . And was triggered into flowering by a change in humidity.

Some plants need it to finish flowering. Some hate it and it will burn leaves and buds.

Always get Hardy strains. Afghanis love cold and definitely are mold and mildew resistance is high. Drought resistance as well and doesn't care about being overwatered. Great strains for beginners.

Careful of misinformation. It's out there. Get Ed Rosenthal oaksterdam course book!!!!

Yes, many varieties love the cold like my bush .. In the morning it’s already minus one and it is completely ripe after 2 days I will cut it. Thank you for the informative comment.

The babies do NOT like the cold or the frost. Need to protect and shelter them. Here, in Northern Thailand, even wild mountain weed on very cool mountain tops almost never gets frost.

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