3 New Things for WeedCash - Our Own Video Network, Staking Rewards, and an Air Drop

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Thanks to STEEMP earnings from our recent WEED Miner(WEEDM) and Weed Mega Miner (WEEDMM) sales we have been able to get a few things done. These upgrades cost us in ENG tokens so we have been scooping them up cheap and mining them with EMFOUR.

1. Video.WeedCash.Network

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 7.04.33 PM.png

https://video.weedcash.network/ is our own decentralized video hosting platform through a collaboration with Steem-Engine and D.Tube! @aggroed(Steem-Engine) and @heimindanger (D.Tube) have teamed up and made it possible to combine these great technologies into a community specific video platform!

2. Staking Rewards

5% of the current reward pool has been allocated to staking rewards. This makes the reward pool distribution as follows:

Reward Pool - 3600 WEED per day
75% PoB Rewards (60/40 Author/Curator - 45% Author/30% Curator)
20% Mining Rewards (4% WEEDM/16% WEEDMM)
5% PoS Rewards

3. Air Drop

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 7.01.59 PM.png

We are air-dropping WEED to 120 people! Anyone who has used the cannabis or weed tag in the last 6 months and has any amount of pal staked will get 420 WEED tokens! There are a lucky few who were part of the first distribution where 50 people received 420 WEED.

Much More to Come

Now that we have the basic network tools in place we will get our documentation in order and begin promotion.


Your doing great things! Weecash, AKA Steem will be the number one block chain for cannabis. I always believed this, even way before Smoke. Now, my vision for Steem, is coming to fruition, thanks to you. We will continue to work hard, and to make this place even better.

True that canny


Hope somehow that airdrop might work on me too! Honestly with something related to weeds, I won't mention your tag either! Good luck! You found a nice case study o gather people who loves weeds!


that @richardcrill just blocked me from weedcash, I hope you don't invest too much in the steem-engine tokens! Wait for true SMT! Here is a tip, all steem-engine tokens, even yours will be worthless soon!

Bro you didn't get blocked by TRENDO! It never accept bullies!


Comments can not get TRDO reward!

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check it out, proof my comments are blocked on steemit, I just commented on your last post, and it disappears!
Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 6.39.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 6.38.59 PM.png

Yes I can't see it from STEEMIT, but I still see that through STEEMWORLD!


Not to sign up, but to communicate out of the current sh!t happened to you bro!


You have my email, and steemit chat, not sure what is wrong gmail & or with steemit.chat?
up-weeded ya!
Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 9.15.59 AM.png

I’m back on partiko, works just fine! I don’t even look at the old ded steemit anymore! OMG they caught the arsonist that tried to burn down my house! I think bernie sent him, he threatened me by saying he was sending something for me!!! yikes glad i did not get caught by that arsonist! The fbi is asking me all kinds of questions now, they say they use my post to track him down!


Excellent work Richard and thanks for the 420 - I had wondered where it came from 👌


Nice work man this project lead the way for a lot of others to try and follow.


Amazing progress in such a short time! Just goes to show what can be accomplished when you love what you do 💚💨

thanks for the drop!:)


So many bells and whistles, the video, mining, and now staked weed rewards - all under the steem umbrella. Enjoying this cannabis and blockchain combination, many thanks to everyone involved with putting this together :)


I was one of the lucky 120 to receive the 420 WEED!

I'm very grateful, and decided the correct move was definitely to stake it, and I'll certainly increase stake in the future :)

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this project @richardcrill

P.S. This is actually my first comment through www.weedcash.network, but I've been browsing this frontend everyday and feeling it out. I really like it. I'm thinking about making a futuremind alt specifically dedicated for posting cannabis related articles, as well as better VP management.

You guys are awesome. Staked all my airdrop and look forward to seeing this grow ;)


I got 420 airdrop WOW, thank you so much

Hope WeedCash will success for the future programs.


@richardcrill, Hearing from you after long time brother and you came up with boosting news. And specially this Airdrop is really motivating aspect and it will boost Weedcash Community.

And who thought that these Dtube Communities will rise but now it's reality and now whole new journey will be started. Stay blessed.

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this is exciting news. I don't post under tag weedcash, but I did buy and stake some of the tokens so I can support some of the people I follow that use the tag. I will continue to increase my stake.

Glad to see this post @richardcrill , I was wondering how I got so lucky when I checked my Steem-engine wallet, lol! Every Token I get I Stake!! Glad to be part of the first airdrop to 120 people, and lucky recipient of 420 WEED tokens which I have all ready staked and did a post about in your awesome platform! Good thing I Staked up my PAL Right away, THANKS!! And best of luck, WeedCash is going to be EPIC!!👍😎🍀
upped and resteemed!


do you ever have issues claiming rewards? i've tried to claim on Sengine several times and then now on weedcash and still don't see it come through after reloading the page?

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!BEER and Cheers


The blockchain holds NO Secrets!

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 1.12.20 PM.png


Sorry! This page doesnt exist.

Not to worry.
You can head back to our homepage,
or check out some great posts.

AUH !.gif

Oh Ok that one, Nice!👍🤙🤙

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Yes, I know..gif

OMG what are you spying on me again? I didn't see you over there in a bushes with that camera! Grrrrrr! lol thanks!

The link you wrote me as a comment.gif

Nice - see it now! - Not my fault, ask @steemit! lol they blocked it not me! It can be seen elsewhere, u just need to know where to look! Thanks! I'm gunna' repost these cool gifs, ok!

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Sweet, good thing I've been staking everything!

Glad to hear all the good news.


Did I get any? I used that tag, just unstaked PAL a couple of days ago cause they blocked my PAL vote. If I don't get any that is fine. I got enough anyway! This must have been why the Palnet was pressuring me to unstake? LOL

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