"No Name" Day 22 Budget Grow Update. Got Two New Ladies In The Garden.

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Back with an update from my #budget balcony #grow.

So I noticed yesterday that I could set the plant on top of this 5 gallon bucket. Which has been sitting in front of my face this whole time. It help in two way. First, it's keeps the cat away as he doesn't even see it anymore. He smells the bucket and keeps moving. Second, it helps the plant get more #sunlight light during the day as it's "high" off the floor so nothing blocks any sunlight. I wish I was on the top floor of my building so I could get an even amount of lighting. Right now I'm getting about 6 to 7 hours of direct sunlight, then rest of the time the plants are in the shade.

               20190804_135717.jpgnew seedling.jpg

Like I said in my last update, I popped the 2 last seeds I had left from the 5 pack of "No Name" auto's I bought on Seedsmans by the breeders over at MedicalSeedS which so far I have to say, they seem to be good #genetics. I got 5 out of 5 to sprout very quick, just by leaving them in a damp napkin inside a plastic bag and in the dark. The photo above is one of the two new ladies. She got potted about an hour ago.

               20190803_123215.jpgolder seedling no name.jpg

The photo above is the other little lady joining the party on the balcony :D She was potted yesterday because she #sprouted super fast. On the left was yesterday, on the right is today. She looks like she has taken kindly to her new home. If you notice in this photo you can see the moisture the cup helps to keep in. I have noticed seedlings really react well to this when potted.


We're back to 3 cannabis plants again. After all the set backs we're back on track. I'll be harvesting a little later then I want to but that finds. What am on the hunt for now are 2 more 5 gallon buckets so I can lift all 3 plants. I forgot to mention before added the new seedlings to the pots I mix up the soil in the pots seen I was already using them the soil on the bottom was still moist so I didn't have to water them to much. I was also able to find the pots with more soil. Only using ph balanced water and superthrive. Hope you enjoyed the read, let me know wha you thinkin the comments. Like always Cya later and smoke on. #growyourown You can also find me at MrTree420.com On IG Also on FB And Twitter On Steemit Follow me on Smoke.io. Need Seeds?

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Thanks you. I try my best to keep it happy. I just hope it stays this happy till harvest.

Awe man... Was totally gonna vote then seen the smoke connection.

Best of luck.

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lol Damn hating like that? What did Smoke do to you?

Well stripped substantial support from the Cannabis tag.

It's a worthless coin.

The people overthere suck.

The format sucks.

And on top of that? A "friend" made me an account which is not mine...

I can keep going. But yeah usually I don't even vote when I see a smoke connection or promotion

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