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11 days ago 🦇🦇@fknmayhem 🦇🦇 published a post on steem about his fascination for the number 28. In the comments, I told him how I am followed by eights at the moment. Now you won't believe what happened today …

Quote from the mentioned steem post:
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That's what me said:
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These eights, geez! They're all over the place. 88% battery, 8:08 am/pm, Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-19 um 10.50.41.png, whenever I pull a card from my tarot deck, wherever I look, … I cannot escape it so I started working on a song lately. It is called Eight. Today I entered my greenhouse and when I picked the snails from my spinach, I found this little cutie!

Full Disclosure

I was doing lots of magic rituals in my greenhouse. Believe what you want to but to me, this is not an accident. That's simply what you get from putting spells on your environment. So, I planted seven cannababies, now I've got


What else, universe?

A Lucky Number, Indeed!

Take the digits of 4/20 and multiply them … whoa!

The Eight is symbolic for eternity. Not only because it's an infinite digit when you write it down (lemniscate). Also, because the seven stands for time. Seven days fulfill the week, seven years to renew all your cells, seven planetary phases of a human life that ancient Indian and Egyptian spoke about. This is why the next number, the eight, stands for infinity. And "oddly", as some might say, it even shows in mathematics. You can divide EVERY square of an uneven number by eight and the result will always come with a remainder of one.

3 x 3 (9) : 8 = 1, remainder of 1
5 x 5 (25) : 8 = 3, remainder of 1
7 x 7 (49) : 8 = 6, remainder of 1
9 x 9 (81) : 8 = 10, remainder of 1

The eight is the first cubic number (2x2x2) which is why the Pythagoreer also called it a representative for abundance. The old Germanic called it a lucky number, for Christianity, it is the number of resurrection, 8 humans got saved by Noah's arch, in Islam, they have 8 heavens, Buddhists teach about an octuple path to Nirvana …

It also is the number of my birthday and this year I met two people sharing my birthday. Never before in my life that occurred.

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REALLY? Because I took a screenshot of this moment and it is depicting my bday also … well, kind of!
It is on the eighth of April. In Germany, we write it like this: 08.04.1982 … :D

You gotta eight!
For you right!
To dance to DJ The Dude @mondoshawan!

hehehe... thanks MayB, dance on my friend from far away

Interesting article,my 8th birthday.hehe.

Aha! What month?

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My birthday is 12/7/77. We go together like 7&8😁