Predict the Price of WEED - Contest #2 💰

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Welcome to my "Predict the Price of WEED" contest!
You can view the current price of WEED by visiting this link:

While you're there, you might want to consider buying some
WEED so you can give yourself some more "WEED POWER"

  • I am hoping that by using the "CONTEST" tag (in
      addition to the "WEEDCASH" tag) we can attract
    more like-minded individuals from Steemit.

  • IMPORTANT:   If you are new to "WeedCash"
        and wish to use the "WeedCash" tag, then
      your post MUST BE WEED RELATED!

    Contest Prize:

    Closest Prediction Receives:

    10 WEED (will be transferred to your account) 
    100% Upvote from @Mary-jane (450 WEED Staked) 

  • If you would like to contribute some of your own WEED-Power
       then I will add you to the list above!  I will be running this
         contest once per week - so be on the look-out every Friday. 
         In addition, I will also include your picture as shown below.

  • You can contact me on Discord:  Maryjane ☮ #0827
     or just click on this link:

    If we get enough of us WEED veterans in on this prize
    pool then that means the newbies will be checking out the
      price on Steem-Engine (and potentially buying some WEED).

    Contest Rules:

  • Predict the price of WEED (in dollars)
  • Do not change or edit your prediction
  • Your guess should have 3 decimal places
  • In case of a tie the earliest prediction wins

  • Make sure your comment below looks similar to this:



    Prediction Deadline:

    June 9, 2019
    6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific

    Winner Chosen:

    24 Hours after the Prediction Deadline



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    Price was .032
    WeedCash sent.

    Hehe...thank you! 😄

    Are we guessing the price in dollars or steem?

    Hi @ChooseFreedom! You should predict in WeedCash. The current price is the flashing yellow bar. Here is where you should look . . .

    We are guessing the price of weedcash. My question was is the guess a dollar amount?(looks like that’s what everyone else is doing.Example; $0.08) On we guess the price in BTS not dollars right? The flashing sign shows both the steem amount .255 and the dollar amount $0.09620. So it’s dollar amount then?

    Ohhh . . . sorry about that @ChooseFreedom. I had to take a closer look (at the flashing bar) to see what you meant.

    So the answer is "Yes"

    You will be guessing the price of WEED in dollars (and not STEEM).

    I will definitely clarify that in the next post!


    Hi, is this the competition to or are you connecting? Do not understand anything anymore. :-)
    But I like it

    Hi @Igel2017 ! It's the same contest - only here you are predicting in WeedCash :)

    Thank you for your answer


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