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My best video so pleace vote like there is no tomorrow and share the video let me go vital 😁✌😋
Hi my brothers and sisters in The cannabis world💚
A nother update on my homegrow and I must say my best so far.
I made a post this week that I thought I might cut it. but on closer inspection it is still allowed. just like good wine whiskey patience is a virtue. plus I have good weed from my neighbor so I'm not in a hurry. I am afraid that a part is ready and a part has to go through. in that case I made a separate dry tent that I couple on the air input. for odor control.20200605_211003.jpg
I was also a bit afraid that little THC was made with a 250 watt lamp. But to my surprise it starts to come. And really I have done nothing of nutrition to the earth. I am also proud of that. I have partly proven that it is possible. next weed breeding. I'm going to delve into nutrition
These 2 senci bud and purplebud need more time so I deceded to wait a week more maby 2
The white widdow is killing it makes me feel like a expert butt its the strain white widdow from senci® helpt a lot

💚🎍🎍🎍🎍🎍🎍💚 best network for cannalovers and growers
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I just want to say this. what i do in not quite legal in the netherlands but small scale is sometimes tolerated. for me it is still the question, but I have a million reason to explain to the judge why I am breeding and why I keep going.
I pay myself electricity I don't steal I don't rob I don't sell anything. So I'm not a criminal. I work hard, I even have to get out of bed tomorrow (gdamn) for 5 o Clock for work. so I think I 'm a decent man In a wrong world hehe.
so people Thanks as always. Let's all see that cannabis is healing. I want to close my post with 2 music tracks, but I put them in my comment to avoid nagging, bloggers peace.



Great things come to those who wait!

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