Close up and couple of lose buds + music

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Hello everyone hope you are all good and well today here's a picture I took of a bud close up not sure what it is my friend didn't know the strain but it's a nice bit InShot_20190903_225630224.jpg
Here's a couple of lose buds in my little tub I'm going to be getting a bit of high grade soon hopefully I can get it before the weekend if you are a smoker what you smoking on today show the best picture shared will get a 💯 upvote so show me what you got
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Below is a track by me ft my friend I'm getting back in the studio again very soon I will be sharing it on dsound and dtube first


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Good that you're getting back in the studio :)

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Yeah bro be back in on the weekend should have some new music ready to post next week

sister :)
look forward to it.

Sorry sister yeah I will definitely be back soon with some new music