COFFEESHOP CLUB 70/30 indica hybrid Afternoon Tokes with the Sherlock Pipe - Well Cushioned, Balanced Euphoric Energy

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Had some afternoon tokes with Coffeeshop Club buds packed in the new glass Sherlock Pipe - well cushioned buzz, decently balanced laid back euphoric energy. Smooth tokes from the Sherlock pipe, sweet and spicy vanilla citrus pine diesel spice flavor.

COFFEESHOP CLUB indica hybrid

The Coffeeshop Club 70/30 indica hybrid strain - also known as "Club 69" - was created with the crossing of the Karmarado OG and Biker Kush strains (Source). These Coffeeshop Club buds have a smooth 22% THC.


Coffeeshop Club Looks

The Coffeeshop Club buds have dark and lime greens, ample mats of bright orange pistils, and a thick resinous coating of amber and white trichomes.


Coffeeshop Club Scent

There's a sweet citrus fruity pine and diesel scent to the Coffeeshop Club buds.


Coffeeshop Club Effects (Source)

Effects - Long Lasting, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting. May Relieve - Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress.


Glass Sherlock Pipe

Picked up a new glass pipe, not quite a Gandolf, this one has a re-curve - a Sherlock Pipe. I like the position of the bowl, the lighter flame is not quite so much in your face with this one - compared to the other classic design glass bowls that i have. Smooth tokes with the long stem.


Coffeeshop Club bud grindage


Bowl Packed


Bowl Toked


Coffeeshop Club flavor

3:00PM was the First Toke... Sweet and spicy vanilla pine diesel flavor. Cheeks, brow, and upper forehead numbing lightly. Smooth euphoric energy gently bubbling up from the solar plexus, chest cushioned. Front of the brain lightly cushioned, mind relaxed but alert with cheerful energy - good mind focus.


Coffeeshop Club effects

5 Minutes After First Toke, Second Toke... Sweet and spicy vanilla pine diesel spice flavor - mouth tingling from the spicy pine terpenes. Breathing and heart rate accelerated slightly from that toke.


Chest and arms buzzing lightly, euphoric energy flowing up from the solar plexus. Solid cushion, cheerful and decently focused mind, smooth underlying euphoric energy - solid buzz.


15 Minutes After First Toke...

Third Toke... Sweet and spicy vanilla citrus pine diesel spice flavor, smooth bowl tokes. Relaxed, cushioned, smooth and lightly energetic euphoric buzz.


2-1/2 Hours After First Toke...

Well cushioned buzz from the Coffeeshop Club buds with decently balanced, laid back euphoric energy. Smooth tokes from the Sherlock pipe, sweet and spicy vanilla citrus pine diesel spice flavor. I'll save these Coffeeshop Club buds for morning, afternoon, or early evening smoke sessions.

Have a great day!

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