Original Cheese... Yes Please!

in #weedcash3 years ago

This next post is about one of my all-time favorite strains the Original Cheese. She is a nice funky strain with some of the most dense buds I have seen. The flavor on the solventless hash is second to none! Not only that but she is fun to grow and stays very manageable throughout bloom making her a very versatile strain. I have a couple shots for you guys today so I hope you enjoy!

Here is A Cola Shot of the Original Cheese


Next Here's An Overview of A Light of Original Cheese


Now it is time for a busy harvest! I hope you all enjoyed today's post and stay tuned for more harvest shots! As always happy Steeming everyone!



I have fond memories of hash but have not seen it or tasted anything like it for years. This is a beautiful plant!

BEAUTIFUL Buds!!!! Nice large colas!
I have grown Cheese before and it's a super easy strain; great for beginner growers.

Thanks a lot! Yes definitely an easy one to grow, yet still super dank!

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