Miracle Alien Cookies Week 7

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For this post I wanted to highlight the Miracle Alien Cookies or MAC for short. This strain is a hybrid of Alien Cookies X Columbian Gold X Starfighter. She finishes with deep purples and plenty of sticky, stinky resin! I will be sure to take more pictures and she finishes and shows her true colors! I have 3 photos for you today an overview of one MAC light, a close up of the flower at 7 weeks and a close up of the flower taken down and in the cure room.

Up first is the light overview


Next we have the close up of MAC at 7 weeks


And finally here is the MAC in our cure room


Well that does it for today's post everyone! I hope everyone stay as well and has a wonderful holiday season! Safe travels!



God damn that is some fucking dank! Every time I see MAC i start to sing this song.

Thank you for your support! I'm glad you like the photos.

OMG, beauty Pics!! Great job my friend!❤😜👍

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Looks great. I just got some MAC extract and it's really nice. Don't think I had heard of the strain before.

I guess you could have given it 1-2 more weeks :)

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Haha I didn't Harvest it the dry shots from last round

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