Testing my skills with "Mary Jane" 4

in #weedcash4 years ago

Link on hive: https://peakd.com/hive-195708/@grandjury/testing-my-skills-with-mary-jane-4

So...it's more than one month from my last post. During that time, plant started to go into the end of flowering season. It's relatively normal for leaves to start turning yellow towards the end of your flowering cycle as the plant becomes nitrogen deficient.


Maybe you can not see that on this photo, because I am cleaning the plant every day - putting those yellow leaves into the pot, so they do not ho to waste. Well, they will serve as fertilizer for the plant in its ending phase.


So Mary Jane went through those ... I would say 4-5 months period without any bigger disease. Here and there I saw little brown dots, but that was all. Maybe bigger problem can be small maggots and leaf louses. Well, I got small problem with those at the moment. Cleaning them from the plant every day. Louses look like they are dead - sticked to the leaves because of of the oil. Or maybe they are just high as hell :D


In every way...I think there are around 3-4 weeks left until the harvest. And curing.


Oh, and I am still looking for the best way to cure the plant. If you got any idea, or you know from your own experience what is the best way to do that...please put that in a comment below ;)

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