The Freedom To Grow As Much As You Want

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How much weed is too much for one individual to grow or possess, and who should be the one who gets to decide this?

How many tomatoes should someone be able to grow, how many aloe vera plants can we allow them to have in their backyard?

If those individuals are not hurting anyone with their actions and their actions are peaceful then it is unjust to initiate violence against those individuals, either by one or a group, to force them to live according to the will of another.

Growing plants should be considered a peaceful natural right and one that people shouldn't be ticketed for or sent to jail over.

By restricting these natural rights for individuals to grow cannabis it brings violence against communities in a variety of ways.

Not only does it threaten to make criminals out of peaceful individuals but it has also been responsible for being used as justification for the state to separate families from their children.

The more that the state can ease these restrictions on cannabis and other drugs, the better off communities will be.

Paying to house those drug users or dealers etc, in jail doesn't bring any benefit to the individual suffering, and it also doesn't bring any benefit to the community.

Suppressing such natural rights that should be afforded to every individual is a move that threatens the liberty of all individuals.

If you don't have the freedom to decide what you put into your own body, or what you want to grow in your own backyard, then how much freedom do you really have?

Should growing natural plants be considered a privilege? To continue with such a narrative would mean making the decision to continue bringing harm to people who haven't harmed anyone else, people who shouldn't be treated like criminals.

Some changes have been made in recent years to improve those restrictions on growing and possession, but still a lot of progress is left to be made.

The drug was has given the state too much authority in the past few decades to trample on the constitution and individual liberty. The current situation that is ongoing with the drug war is unjust and cruel, and the state should have no business in arresting people for cannabis no matter how much they are in possession of or how many plants they want to grow.



Thanks for the great post. People say how "free" we are here in the States but when you realize how the many people in the government use cannabis 'laws' to criminalize good citizens then we are anything but "free".

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