Coronavirus Highlights Need To Grow Cannabis At Home

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There are a variety of benefits that come along with growing cannabis at home. Among them are the benefits like being able to save money, having a consistent access to supply, and having more control over what is going into the growing process.

As much as people need the freedom to grow their own vegetables and fruit at home, they too need the freedom to grow cannabis at home.

Right now, people who need cannabis have been lucky enough that the government in various jurisdictions has deemed cannabis to be an essential business.

That means that people have still been able to access the products that they need, but there has been a drastic uptick in business for a few. As a result, various dispensaries have been seeing longer lines and individuals visiting them have perhaps not been having as much access to the bounty of options that they might have had a few months back.

For those who are using cannabis to reduce symptoms of discomfort and worse, that might be associated with a wide range of illnesses, losing access to cannabis can be just as devastating as losing access to your food supply.

Many people require cannabis to function normally and to be productive, to drastically help them to reduce personal suffering, so if they do not have access then that means a great deal of discomfort for them to deal with.

And hospitals right now are stretched thin, the last thing we would want is more people going to the hospital that do not need to be there. And they wouldn't need to if their access to something that is helping them doesn't run dry.

The empty shelves that are now a normal circumstances that many deal with when they go grocery shopping, something they might have thought they'd never experience in their lifetime, is no doubt causing some to think that now growing their own food might be a good idea.

Find Freedom In Gardening Cannabis

For the reasons that growing your own food is important, so too is growing your own cannabis, especially if you are a heavy user of the substance.

If the government were honest in its concern for safety and well being of individuals, they would look to foster that freedom rather than crackdown on it.

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The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


Totally man! Self reliance should be the big take away from this virus. It’s nice to have all the luxuries we get to enjoy, but we got to put more power back into the individual hands.

unfortunately though, many who preach self sufficiency have little to zero interest in truly promoting self sufficiency in the way of individual governance and the consent on every individual being respected 🤣 Just the same, there will be hundreds of things I will never be able to grow, make, or do for myself on my own, and am so glad there is a market that will always be there for me to meet those needs. 👍

If only everybody would grow it, like they used to for centuries! It could be our medicine, clothing, housing, fuel, food, and more.

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it is mind boggling what it can be used to produce ! the jobs it can help to create.. the lives it can uplift 🙏

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