Coffeeshops closed The Netherlands in panic!

in #weedcash2 years ago


So two days ago the Dutch gouverment closed all horeca in the Netherlands so the bars, clubs and also the Coffeeshops had to close....
This led to a run on cannabis and there were long lines in front of every coffeeshop in Holland.
There were video’s posted online of dealers who were handing out their cards with telephones number and a list of drugs that they have for sale.
It was happy news for our black market and the prices went up faster then btc in the last bullrun.
I was laughing my ass of because now you see how dumb our gouverment really is. The very next day they Made the decision to open all coffeeshops again maybe they think next time before they make such a decision. This picture shows me how much people are loving cannabis i found this picture on Google pictures.

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