Weavers Egg?

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Hey everyone, off to water my epic Vegetable garden again one night and I had an interesting surprise. There's an Acacia Tree next to my vegetable garden, there are a few weavers living in the tree building nests etc for years. We have had such a huge amount of wind of late...


As can be seen here it is rather cloudy, I assume this was a 'badly' built nest which in high winds resulted in the egg falling out.


I generally observe all the activity on the ground as not to stand on nature, Tortoises, lizards and in this case a weavers egg which had just fallen out of the nest landed on soft piece of ground and was intact.. Pretty right?


The interesting thing about this bird is that the males build the nest (up to 7 times) and the females 'DESTROY' them, they can literally do this up to 7 times until they (the females) are happy with the nest. In this case I guess she approved a bad nest, this egg should not have fallen out albeit high winds!


As per wikipedia.org: Ploceidae is a family of small passerine birds, many of which are called weavers, weaverbirds, weaver finches and bishops. These names come from the nests of intricately woven vegetation created by birds in this family. In most recent classifications, Ploceidae is a clade, which excludes some birds that have historically been placed in the family, such as some of the sparrows, but which includes the monotypic subfamily Amblyospizinae. The family is believed to have originated in the mid-Miocene.[1] All birds of the Ploceidae are native to the Old World, most in Africa south of the Sahara, though a few live in tropical areas of Asia. A few species have been introduced outside their native range... Do check out more here as per Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ploceidae

How is this for a nice contrast? Wink ;)


As a few of you know that follow me know, I sell incubators and fertile eggs. What I will do is give this to my next incubator client to try and hatch good plan? I shall keep you in the loop, who knows maybe it hatches, if so will return to the wild once old enough!

I trust you have an amazing week further!


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Hi Craig, it seems like what you are dealing with here is an African golden weaver

Screenshot (28 Oct 2019 17_34_43).png

Screenshot (28 Oct 2019 17_33_35).png

Nice comment! Thanks for sharing and researching.

True story right there brother... Cheer$;)

It would seem that you are right bruv, been in Africa and all.. nice one ;) Cheer$;)

I love researching bird stuff, so if you have any more questions don't be afraid to ask!

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From what I know of birds, they can't survive as babies without their parents. Much like mammals, they require care until they are able to "leave the nest". Therefore, sending that egg off to a random location to hatch will probably spell death for its occupant :(
Not sure what else there is to do, though. Except maybe get out a ladder and put the egg back? Don't fall!

They can if you feed them. I wont put it back that nest is bad it will just blow out again.. Will try incubate.. There are certainly no shortage of weavers in the area. They rip up the bosses Palms :P Cheer$;)

Just curious.... will I get $6 upvotes if I tag "ocdb" too? (What is that and how is it related to this post?)

I'm amazed it feel from that height and survived!

You and me both bruv it doens't happen often. Fell onto soft sand, going to incubate and hatch should be good ;) Cheer$;)

My son would so eat that thinking it was a jelly bean, lol

Lol just not as tasty :P

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