WEED Miners Now Available!

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There are now 2 WEED Miner tokens available on https://steem-engine.com

These miners offer a way for anyone to earn WEED (the token that powers weedcash.network) without needing to post or curate for WEED rewards. 20% of the reward pool is now allocated to mining rewards.

Both miners work the same way. WEEDMM is just four times more powerful than WEEDM.

WEED Miner (WEEDM) is the basic miner

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 2.26.03 PM.png

WEEDM/STEEM - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=WEEDM

Weed Mega Miner (WEEDMM) is 4x stronger

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 2.26.30 PM.png

WEEDMM/STEEM - https://steem-engine.com/?p=market&t=WEEDMM

How To Mine

Simply stake your WEEDM or WEEDMM and you are set up to mine WEED!

More Info

To learn more about how Steem-Engine mining tokens work, take a look at @aggroed's post: Notice: Steem-Engine leveling up. New abilities unlocked: staking & mining!

Please ask any questions you have about how this stuff works in the comments or join us on Discord where you can engage more with the community and learn more.


Where is the difference between WEEDM and WEEDMM, I mean I know that WEEDMM mines 4 times faster but costs 4 times more, do they mine in the same "pool" or are there 2 different "pools" one for each?

Atm I have both miners and I am not sure which I should choose to invest more xD

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They work the same way as all of the steem-engine mining coins like PALMM or SCTM. The main difference right now is lower competition because of the smaller niche community.

So we can’t make direct trades from WEED to WEEDMM, or am I just not familiar enough with steem engine? It seems like I have to go through steem for trades. Is that correct?

You have to trade into steem first. Steem is the base currency, then you can purchase whatever is in the DEX.

Yeah, unfortunately not. I wish we could!

You are familiar it seems! Correct, unless I missed something too. I just went through that today with a little BTC, found out I need to buy STEEM pegged first. The spread was a little big so I am waiting for BTC to go up, and or STEEM to drop! I'm not in a rush. This looks like the way to go, I definitely will be getting some of these weed miner coins next. I wonder if I Should I sell some of this WEED from earnings, is more profitable that way? This is all news to me!!

Someone like you who knows how should make a bot to swap steem engine tokens without this necessity to go through steemmp.

I’m selling weed right now to get steemmp. It’s a low price but I want a miner

Is there any way to check how much weed was rewarded from mining? Does it come from a different account, rather than weedcash?

Currently, it is indistinguishable from your content/curation rewards so it looks all lumped together, but the steem-engine team is working on making it clearly visible what comes from where.

Thanks for the info

@coffeebuds does it just goes right into the weedcash.network wallet? or you can see it right away on seem-engine?

You have to claim it, either on your steem-engine wallet or your weedcash.network wallet.

Been enjoying the Steem Engine and all the new tokens and devices - i'm going to have to pick up some of those miner tokens, Trust in WeedCash :)

@coffeebuds, I've just invested on WEEDM and WEEDMM and really excited for this journey and Ecosystem.

And without any doubt this step will boost this Ecosystem. My good wishes are with you and stay blessed.

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what is the diff between these and just the WEED token and having that staked? is it better to have the WEEDMM or WEEDM right now instead of just weed token?

Currently there are no staking rewards just for staking WEED. That might change soon, but right now you have to vote with your staked WEED to earn with it. The miners are the only way for passive income right now. It's hard to say which miner is less competitive right now, because it's going back and forth.

I saw u had like 400 yourself already?

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what! wow! notice the 20% of the inflation goes to miners? Seems its 10% on pal, not so sure

Yes, 420. I'm holding 1% of the circulating supply. I won't stake all of those until all of the current supply is sold out. WEED mined by me will be powered up for manual curation.

Ah good to know thank you. I will admit when I first saw that it turned me away. But knowing why is good. Will pick some up shortly!

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Awesome! I bought a few WEEDM to test the mining feature.

Cool! Let us know what you think!

Hell yeah just grabbed a couple to test out, Hows it been working out for you?

Pretty good so far! We're going to be able to enable a lot more cool features sooner than later from the STEEM we're getting if this volume keeps up!

Def getting some WEEDMM in the next days! My first miners :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

Thanks for the info! I happened upon this post because of @krunkypuram's recent post, and decided to pick up some WEEDMM's :)
I'm super excited about it lol.

do you ever have issues claiming tokens? i tried to claim several times but i dont see it go into wallet? i'll try later

There were some claiming issues at that time that should be fixed now.

if you get a payout from the WEEDM does it come from 'weedcash' or from 'market'?

from @weedcash

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