Yes, WeedCash is on

Thank you. Gunna @ackza word for it tho. Thank you for this Dapp too!

Welcome, you won't regret your investment, if you ask me.
I don't think it's on Freedomex, just Steem-Engine.

lol no nothing is on freedomex its a joke, no one uses it why would they? lol We have and we use it, not some wannabe dex no oen has any reason to use...

so pathetic to see peopel pushging that freedomex shit as if its gonna pay off, dude, its so dishonest, its just a bunch of steemians tryin to help their friends out instead of investing in ACTUAL shit we need liek an onboarding tool for steem, nah instead we invest in our friends side chains that dont do shit but let the wanna be developers have their littlke kingdoms to feel powerful lol....

sorry but whats the daily feedomex volume again? LOL

Ill use steem-engine thank you very much

Well I have my answer haha thank you brethren

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