Feel It in the One Drop🎶💧

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takes cbd

...all good now. ☯️

The best quality CBD oil is only a message away.

Pure, no fillers, no crap, for the best price on the market. Guaranteed.👌

What does it help with? Just about everything - I've heard some amazing stories, and here are MY reasons:

🔹️Better sleep
🔹️Bug bites
🔹️Strong, shiny hair
🔹️Aches & pains
🔹️Face blemishes
🔹️Mood management
🔹️Healthy skin
🔹️Weight loss
🔹️I wish I could say more, but the FDA won't let me use specific words or diseases...

Here are a couple good websites so you can do your OWN research:



Or my personal link, which is sort of vague on specific issues thanks to the FDA, but there are some good FAQ and basic education, plus you can see my shop:


My favorites are the Relief topical cream, the coffee and creamers, bath bombs, and the cinnamon oil tincture. There are many other things to choose from like grain-free dog treats and pet oil in bacon flavor!

Did you know ALL mammals, ALL invertebrates can benefit from cbd? That's right! We have something called the Endocannabinoid System, which was technically discovered in 1991 when the CB1 receptor was found.

This also means if you are NOT using some sort of cannabis product you are deficient!

It is absolutely amazing what just a few drops of oil can do for the body!!💗

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Very nice, Im happy cbd is coming to light and more people are accepting it for the properties it holds.

It's helping people finally realize cannabis in general is NOT a drug! Hemp is only the beginning.👍

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Correct its a plant that reproduces very quickly, renewable and has many diverse applications, including paper, clothing, and concrete, or hempcrete:)

I hope someday my whole house is made of it!

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It will happen one day if hoomans know whats best for them

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In what way does CBD help with bug bites?

  ·  last month (edited)

Good question! I rub the oil or the cream on as soon as I feel an itch, and it literally vanishes. If I don't get to it in time the mark stays for awhile, but the cbd eases the itch or pain. CBD helps with the swelling.