Weedcash PAC DAC, Decentralized Autonomous Community & Political Action Committee for Legalization of Cannabis Region by region

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With WEEDCASH we now have an EOS token that can use @eosdac and create a decentralized autonomous community r DAC that can help for the legalization of Cannabis worldwide. profits from actual Legal Cannabis sales in California Colorado and Canada can actually go into purchasing weedcash, staking it and directing beneficiary rewards to various causes or regions around the world using weedcash affiliates around the world, so you can choose which state or country to help legalize cannabis in. I would love to help people in countries without legal cannabis get access to harm reduction information about the darknet and how to safely access illegal cannabis with cryptocurrency. But we prefer to support legal cannabis only however freedom of information will allow us to create a network



A decentralized Autonomous Community for a Political Action COmmittee for legalization of Cannabis region by region

We can have every state and country that still has no legal cannabis funded with proposals to legalize cannabis with political campaigns, promotions, and fundraisers using weedcash and weedcash social media posts , along with the use of the EOS based decentralized protest dapp PinPoint https://t.me/policescanner

Join us on the telegram! https://t.me/weedcashnetwork

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