Sativa Early Flowers!! :) :)

in weedcash •  14 days ago  (edited)

IMG_1851 - Edited.jpgIMG_1852 - Edited.jpgIMG_1854 - Edited.jpg
Hello World! Hope everyone is growing well! IT"S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. Flower power time. Let's take a look at my "Jamaican Tall Boy." Theres bud sites everywhere! :) They look healthy and very beautiful. Look at the dark purple stems! My guess for the buds are that they will be neon green, white and purple with big white only hairs.

The plant is a sativa dominant. We will grow the buds to their full potential. Giant, thick sativa baseball bats.

Stay tuned. - @a1-shroom-spores

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I like the way those buds look with those long narrow sativa leaves. It looks like the buds are developing nicely!