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So weed’s legal now in most of the states that anyone would want to go to (no offense). You can buy it, smoke it, or rub it on your belly. And that’s just wonderful. But an interesting thing that happened at roughly the same time was the abrupt cultural turn on nicotine based vaping. For a terribly brief moment, hipsters and recently quit smokers were living the 1950’s lifestyle, blowing clouds and getting their fix wherever and whenever they wanted. People with complicated rigs were vaping in restaurants, at bars, and in line at the bank.

And then that literally blew up in their stupid mustachioed faces. Which is sad (poor hipsters). But the other thing people got pissed about was that kids, who had been responding well to the anti-smoking movement in this country were taking up vaping faster than you can say, “take that damn Tide-Pod out of your mouth.” And the establishment said no.

Vaping indoors became as bad as lighting up a cigarette in church, and the vapers were forced outside with the 7 people still smoking cigarettes.

But the consequences didn’t stop there. Those other poor folks who had been sneaking, a cheeky puff of their favorite skunk pen immediately lost their cover. No longer could you pretend you were just vaping some Lucky Charms nicotine… And just as it became so damn easy to buy a weed pen! Like the joint smoking ancestors of our tribe, who blew a puff up at a concert like any other cigarette smoker at a Madonna concert, we lost our cover.

Here’s the thing. Weed vape pens smell like an angels heavenly fart, and the misty loveliness is gone before you can blink… but the aroma passes over a crowd like a fog machine and everyone knows what it is.

So is it cool to take a puff at an indoor venue?

Obviously, if you’re gonna ghost it, then I’m not talking to you. But for the rest of you out there, do you chance it? If you’re at a comedy show in Vegas, will you take a puff? And if you do, are you doing anything wrong?

If it’s legal in your state and it’s not smoke based, should you be allowed to vape wherever you are?

Is it hurting anyone?

Whenever the cool mist of a vape pen, washes across me at a show, I’m not mad, I’m jealous.

But should the haters win this one too? Weed is not addictive and it’s not illegal, and it’s not a gateway drug. It’s a treat and an enhancer.

You tell me.

Do you take it outside? Or do you cough into your shirt when you bit off more than you could ghost?

Let me know below.


I think it's bananas that you can't vape weed indoors. First off, it's medicine. Secondly, it's one little puff here or there. People can suck it.

Great stuff man, I've vaped in movie theaters before and no one has said anything. But I do think the government should allow some places to decide if they want to allow vaping inside.

I don't vipe and i don't have anything against those who vipe. I don't like staying close to smokers since i learnt of the danger involved in second hand smoking. No i don't like it

but my mom say smoking is injurious to health

I don't personally have anything against vapers or any form of smokers for that matter. The only thing I would particularly have a problem with is if I participate in the smoking involuntarily - Second hand smoking. So even though Vaping may seem harmless and what not I would not particularly appreciate sitting next to a vaper at a movie theatre or in the queue at a bank.

So yes I do think that there should be designated areas for vaping as well. And it's for a variety of reasons. I mean it's not only based on "hating", but there's health implications involved as well...e.g. the person you are sitting next to at a movie theatre as asthma, or anything similar. That wouldn't be a good position to be in.

I don't think people should vape at all... It causes cancer. I heard of a case of a perfectly healthy young guy who started vaping, and within the space of 4 months had developed lung cancer. People are just mindlessly putting things into their bodies without researching about them first. Scary stuff

Give me LIBERTY. Do good, be good!

Ghost it all the way man! Haha.

Nice article guys. It's always nice to hear about the community on the other side of the globe. Vaping is fairly normal in Europe but it sometimes causes unpleasant situations when people do not know what it is.

Keep up the good work!