A Big Step For Cannabis

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Sports is a big part of our culture. They tend to reflect our values and penetrate a great deal of our society.

That is why the decision by Major League Baseball could be considered a major one. It changed what is on its banned substance list.


This is a big step in the United States. Many athletes have been turning to cannabis as an alternative to pain killers put out by Big Pharma. With the opioid crisis only growing, this could set kick off a trend that penetrates deeper into society.

In the U.S. cannabis is still illegal according to the Federal Government. It is still a part of the war on drugs (a losing battle). Many states have put the matter on ballots and, in most instances, passed. Thus, many states have cannabis legalized, at least for medical use. A handful have also legalized it for recreational use.

The fact that one of the major sports put it on the same level as alcohol is a major step forward. This is likely going to be followed by the other major sports.

We are witnessing a shift in sentiment regarding this product. There are already a number of publicly traded cannabis companies on the stock market. This move is an affirmation for the potential they hold.

Research is starting to determine that cannabis is equally effective as a pain killer without the adverse side effects that comes with the products from Big Pharma. Of course, those companies are not thrilled with the competition but that is another story altogether.

The shift is actually pretty amazing when one thinks about it. It is only in the last 5 years that there was a major move in sentiment. The last few elections in the U.S. saw a growing number of states pass measures as approved by the voters.

Entertainment has a big influence on social mores. Sports are followed by hundreds of millions of people. The next major step will be when cannabis companies can advertise at sports arenas like the alcohol companies do.

For now, MLB is leading the way by not pushing the players for using cannabis.

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As far as cannabis will be used as a pain killer , there is no problem i think.... A least they are less dangerous compared to alcohol.

MLB is not going to consider these things for doping test mean, it a welcome step... But the consumption should never become an addiction for players