How smoking weed MIGHT turn you into a vegetable.

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The debate between people over cannabis use, abuse and dank topics in general has been going on for a long time. The government's absurd depiction of weed and the lazy stoner have both become memes. We need to attack the topic of weed from both sides, because both have valid arguments. Does it give you inspiration? Will it make you remain in your mom's basement for eons? Will it ease your social anxiety or worsen it even more? Will it turn you into a nutritious vegetable?


Not so fast

Having a casual bong rip every now and then doesn't contribute towards becoming a member of the plant world just yet. The people who are able to smoke without falling into a deep, self-destructive cycle can benefit greatly from light use. These people are able to get the full enjoyment from smoking, can take part in abstact thinking and recieve lots of inspiration. All this because memory and motivational problems which plague the habitual smoker have yet to affect him.

I'm no vegetable... Man!

Now we are getting to the darker side of devil's lettuce, to get here you must be under peer pressure, have an addictive personality disorder or just lack discipline. Quite often it's a mix of all these three. Here is where many high-schoolers stay for a few years before later growing up. Some stay in this stage until many of their friends start having families. This stage of abuse happens when stoners get so deep into a cycle that they somehow start smoking weed like it's tobacco. They no longer get high at this point, they smoke just to lift the low. This stage of smoking puts you completely in the moment, you stop giving shit about the future. What even is the future, wasn't it just a concept? Only the present exists, I'll think about the future some time later when I'm done binging the next 6 seasons of a show I chose because I've literally seen everything else. You've officially become a plant.


Why so?

Well, I've been a vegetable for a proper period of my life, have known many others and still see vegetables to this day. The reason I made this post is because there are many in denial about their vegetable-ness, instead of trying to better their situation, they get protective and start protecting their abusive habit. They completely shut down and come up with excuses of how it does not affect them personally. They tell me how it's better than alcohol, which is just another way of changing the topic. Cannabis abuse is in the end just like any other addiction, it's yin or yang, all or nothing. With great discipline it's a great tool, but if you have shown not to be able to control your use then sobriety is your only option.

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I love it, smoking weed everyday doesn't turn you into a veggie.

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You are what you eat, after all.

I just made a post about the science behind marijuana risks, aka why thc turns people into vegetables and how cbd helps prevent it

well i dont see snoop become vege