Today's Smoke - Mystery Machine

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I'm not sure why I haven't been sharing my legal medical marijuana with steemit yet, but here's a start. Today's smoke is Mystery Machine, a hybrid obtained from a local medical dispensary. My camera didn't want to focus today, I'll have to try and get something better for the next one.


This is a very dense bud, when dropping them they make quite a thud, like a rock. Lots of those orange hairs on and in them. It has a nice head high, but too much may induce anxiety. It goes well with playing video games or dealing with small crowds. It has all the average quality of your normal "street weed", but it also has the drawbacks like a lower THC content.


Price - $6 (CAD) /g - 8.5/10
Taste - Good - 7/10
THC - Content % Unknown (Average THC content) - 7/10
Packaging - Clear resealable bag, some information - 4/10
Effectiveness - Above average -7/10

Overall - 6.7/10

The packaging really hurt the score here, it came in a clear zip lock bag with the strain name on it, all other information had to be obtained from the salesperson. It's fairly decent stuff for $6 per though.


You're not sure why, but for me it's interesting information. It's theoretically possible to get medical cannabis here in Germany, but practically only if you're very sick with cancer or so.
I sure wish I could try various strains!

Nice the price is dropping! And love the bud! Happy 420!

I hear you on the packaging. I finally found a dispensary that packages the way I like without having to pay a fortune for the pleasure.

im not sure why you werent sharing it before either, everyone loves weed haha i have upboted jsut cause im a toker aswell and every vote counts... if your into gardening or learning to be more conscious about recycling come check out my blog, good luck on steemit

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