Smoke Review MR NICE- Red Devil

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Smoking it Up!

Hey guys:

So it took its time drying out, but its finally really ready for a true assessment. Smoking bongs today, its my standard so its good judge for me.


So as you can see she has very heavy crystallization and rather excessive hair, they are reasonably dense and rather sticky!, The curing has left the buds very nice to handle with no crumbling and of the right consistency for smoking :).


The smell is very pungent and strong, almost of a rotting fruit variety with undertones of pine/citrus flavour's. Its very hard to explain, and it really blows up when you squeeze/handle or chop the buds, it will stink out a room.

Smoke Up:

She is definitely very indica, has a hit so hard it will knock you over. The flavor is very very sweet and fruity and tastes of tropical fruits when smoked. It doesn't take much time for it to take effect and really have her way with you. Before you know it your gone! Lovely smoke! Seems to have quite good last-ability as the high remains for quite a while. But its not a high energy stoned. Really sedative

Thanks for taking a look! @medicalgrower


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Peace in Blunts Fam

thanks heaps really appreciate the support...

The classic Mr Nice, reminds me of the good ol' days

thanks :)

@medicalgrower hey mate fantastic looking bud there! have upvoted and followed. Would you do me a favor and tell me what you make of the photos of my recent batch? and up vote if you fancy it - Thanks !

Thanks! Heading over now. :)

pure love :)


Verrry nice!....

Was wondering.... I have chronic pain, a severe 10yr headache. Most marijauna makes headache worse but some have a therapeutic effect and its not necessarily tied to sativa or indica. Im thinking cbd content or something. I believe its nerve pain so just curious if you know chronic pain people or have a suggestion for nerve pain?

hey, @weirdheadaches ....yeah I use as I have severe lower backpain, and find its the only relief I can get without some pretty addictive and heavy narcotics so I feel ya. But sounds like it might be the method of delivery might be exacerbating your pain? as smoking is gonna reduce oxygen to the brain and probably not help , have you tried eatable's? or tablets/caps?.. If your in the USA?, alot of the dispensary's have alot of products...I personally make butter and cook sweets.....ya i really find the high CBD strains are bests, they are almost always Indica...they are more of a sedative, if you get a high THC sativa strain its more active and not to good for me, as it makes you want to get up!

Ive done it all lol. Oddly I think the sativas work better for my pain. Edibles can still intesify my pain. Ive got yhe best off of vape pens from colorado. But i think the strands that are helping (which are few) have higher cbd content. I have street access to my supply so cant shop exactly how i want. Id like to find the stuff that helps withe steady supply lol.

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