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in #weed4 years ago

She was a wee bit early, but still smokes up nicely and needs bit more curing....but tastes good so far....




Nice buds!!What kind of strain is it??
I love cannabis haha my blig is about it, i work in a Dutch Coffeshop as a fulltime joint roller haha
Where do you live??
Have a nice day!!

Hey Mate,
Cool i'll come check out your page, Im in Oz!,
This strain was straight from you guys, grown from about 50 Mr Nice Seeds about 15 years ago>> :P
This little girl was the pick of the litter, you can see how fast she is on some of my blog posts

Thanks for the comment @medicalgrower

@medicalgrower Hi, interesting blog you got there bud :) I think what would really spice up your earnings on Steemit are research based posts about CBD THC benefits/effects, differences between strains and particularities, tinctures, DIY remedies, etc. Followed you. Cheers!

yeah true, more medical less grower...ya thats a good point! thanks

Wow these are cool pictures! :D I follow you now and resteemed it.

Let's be friends and follow me --> @martinmusiol.

Get to know me here:

thanks buddy!!

you know i can see who upvotes....pretty spammy comment...but thanks for the interest

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