Watering my weed plant

in weed •  20 days ago


Beautiful Morning my follow #Weed-Lovers-around-the-globe..
Every morning what i do first is to water my weed plant any time i wake up so that it always look fresh a plant growing near the sea, So they looks sweet and fresh been waterd...

Believe me when i say that in our society #weed is needed and recommended mostly in our #Health-Section and #Food-Spice....

And i Love using #weed as #spice


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That's a good routine to get into. What do you do on days when she doesn't need watering? Maybe pick some weeds, no pun intended ;)


I can do as many thing as i want, and is gonna be legal on what i wanna do with it, first don't forget that #cannabis is a #natural #spice on it own, remember that you can add cannabis leaves in your tea which give you more relaxation mostly during sleep...

@canna-curate come learn how to get votes from the Cannabis community...

I'm voting! And growing the Cannabis community! Thanks for posting and definitely excited for your growing skills!

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