WeedCash News - We Now Have an EOS Token!

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This is exciting news for WeedCash Network users because this opens up our token to the much larger EOS market! We hope to soon get listed on NewDex as the first priority, but we are really excited about our larger plans. We will be working on an EOS DApp that will be similar to our Steem DApp, but more of a Yelp for cannabis/dispensary reviews that rewards users in a similar fashion as https://weedcash.network!

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Converting WEED from Steem to EOS

Send any amount of SteemEngine WEED to eos-peg with the memo:

EOSWEED youreosname

and you will receive an equal amount of WEED on EOS, minus a 1% fee

send any amount of EOS WEED to weedcashntwk with the memo:

WEED yoursteemname

and you will receive an equal amount of WEED on SteemEngine, minus a 1% fee

Thank you to the Entire WeedCash Network!

Big thanks to @ackza for initiating the creation of the EOS token and for his passionate insistence that we move forward with expanding WeedCash Network in this way. And, of course, thank you to all of our users that are paying attention in the discord and telegram and acquiring the token even before the newdex listing (looking at you @rachaeldwatson!

Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 12.14.02 PM.png

We are thankful as always to the excellent work from the Steem-Engine developers, especially @someguy123 for his work on the EOS smart contract for converting WEED (STEEM token) to WEED (EOS token). Also thanks to @beggars for adding us to the withdraw options on https://steem-engine.com

Don't forget that WeedCash users now have a 10% discount at @stickyfingerz dispensary in Denver! Details here
Big thank you to @props4crops for initiating that and his work for WeedCash in Denver signing up 20 new users last week at @stickyfingerz!

thanks for the art and tagline @thelogicaldude

Stay tuned here for more announcements coming out soon!


I'm glad to be part of this tribe and really think it is an example that other tribes need too follow. There is plenty of room for another leafly or marijuanadoctors.com in the market. This is how you bring the world to steem.
Congrats on your hard work paying off!

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We are glad you are apart of it as well. :)

sweet good work - more exposure has to be a good thing

Just getting back in the groove after taking yesterday off. You know my stance on Weedcash brother. One question, do you have a nice pair of moon boots? You and I will need them, ;)

Just like DEC on TRON and STEEM. WEEDCASH on EOS is awesome. One day should be on ETH, TRON and NEO. The more the merrier.

Great point! Tron should probably be the next one, but there is no reason WeedCash can't stretch across all these blockchains!

one of the best tribes out there 😎

This is EPIC! Gonna watch closely to see how it works out, maybe finally take @ackza’s advice and create a JAHM-EOS peg for @ReggaeSteem 👨🏾‍🚀👍🏽

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Nicce! Hey @datajunkie (edit: @datajunky), are you assisting with this to?

ill make sure @datajuky comes in to make a post on weedcash ! come say him to him ovah on hiz newdex chat https://t.me/newdexchat get some ooh dat NDX in preparashun for dah Weed newdex launch!

Sounds like I need to talk to @datajunky!

Glad one out of us three wrote his name correctly 😂😂😂😂 - Yeh, that guy!!

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@coffeebuds, Congratulations and good to see that Weedcash Ecosystem is spreading it's wings.

I want to appreciate the efforts of @ackza, @someguy123 and @beggars.

Have a successful and wonderful journey ahead and stay blessed.

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