WeedCash.Network Wallet Upgrades!

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You may have noticed that weedcash.network now has it's own wallet!

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 5.03.27 PM.png

The decimal place is not showing at the moment so don't get too excited, lol. That will be fixed soon.

Huge thanks to @aggroed, @eonwarped, @holger80, and all of the @steem-eng team for continuing to roll out all of these features and upgrades at a lightning pace through the nitrous program!

Previously, you would be directed to steem-engine.com, but now you can redeem your rewards, transfer WEED, and stake WEED for WEED Power right on your weedcash wallet page!

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 5.04.04 PM.png

All the functions are still available in your steem-engine wallet.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 5.25.21 PM.png

Useful Links:

  • Steem Keychain This chrome extension makes for a great user experience for quickly signing transactions and moving between accounts.
  • weedcash.network is the place to post and vote on cannabis content.
  • Steem-Engine WEED Market Trade WEED and many other Steem-Engine tokens for STEEM and eventually other assets
  • Steem connect WEED claim if you can't use Steem Keychain, this is the custom json link for an alternate way of claiming your WEED rewards.
    Check WEED Voting Power Percentage Just replace coffeebuds with your username in the url to see your STEEM and WEED Power
  • Discord Invite Come join us on Discord where you can find helpful people and all these links in the pinned messages.

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 5.20.41 PM.png
In the Discord you can see the top 12 stakers as shown above by using the $staked weed command.

Please ask any questions you have about how this stuff works in the comments or join us on Discord where you can engage more with the community.


Oh hey yeah! I've been meaning to send an update myself but haven't been able to. Looks good ;).
I am aware of the bug mentioned and should have that fixed when I can get to it next.

Great job prioritizing updates! The new wallet is working great 👍 Really important for on-boarding new people to the #weedcash community 😎

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That's awesome. Ease of use is important for growth

Thanks for the information, nice to see that the community is growing!

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Hurray! Looking good, have just tested it. Now it is soo much more comfortable. Go WEED!

Great news! Thanks team.

This is really impressive. Look forward to see more SCOT platforms in the future for other niches.

@coffeebuds, These Screenshots are really pleasant to watch and after years we will going to see different Tokens on familiar wallet section.

And definitely all this green essence of this wallet is reflecting the eye-catching essence. So i want to appreciate one and all who put efforts towards this development.

Every update adds value and Transform one's experience. So, keep up and keep guiding this Ecosystem towards the higher growth.

Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

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