New WeedCash Feature - Promote Posts With WEED!

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You can now promote posts with WEED!

Big thank you to the Steem-Engine team for the rapid pace of development, especially @holger80 and @eonwarped!

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 1.24.52 PM.png

Promote A Post With WEED!

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 1.22.43 PM.png

  • When you click the little green Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 2.06.02 PM.png button on the bottom right of a post, you can now enter WEED bids that will promote the post to the trending page.
  • The top bid gets the top spot and lower bids are interleaved through the trending and hot pages every five posts.
  • WEED used for promotion is sent to @weedcash which is the distribution account for the WeedCash Network.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 1.23.59 PM.png

Posts that are promoted have a green border around them to mark them as promoted.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 1.48.25 PM.png

Promoted posts will show up in the "Promoted" tab as well.

Organic Content

I want the culture here to continue to be about real interaction and engagement with interesting and helpful information and entertainment. The source of value for ad revenue is the attention on the content that is upvoted organically from many stake holders.

Advertising vs Vote Buying

Using the new promotion feature is more like traditional advertising which makes it different from the bidbots on Steemit. There is a real cost for promoting your content - you don't bid for an upvote to reach the spot, you just bid directly for the spot.

If your content is not well received it won't be profitable and you can even get downvotes, but if your content can convert, it is an opportunity to get it in front of the eyes of cannabis enthusiasts all over the world.

For the WeedCash Network, this is a great sink to help balance out our faucets. I hope to have many more sinks and upgraded features soon!

What other features would you like to see for WeedCash?


Now that's sweet! I remember using "promote" back in 2017, it was alright. This system seems cooler since is "bid-based".

Great job guys!

Has it gotten much use yet?

Great addition! So many undervalued post's get to the top of trending, and for new people to see this, is just an embarrassment. Weedcash is so great, really showing the true colors of our community. Thanks!

Yeah at first when I read this thought oh no they pulled in a terrible promoted section feature from steemit .... then I saw the screenshot showing the promoted post in trending.... and I read this and realized weedcash has fixed steemit's terrible promoted tool/section

  • The top bid gets the top spot and lower bids are interleaved through the trending and hot pages every five posts.

So its perfect... it's how steemit should have changed the promoted section years ago .... beautiful thank you @richardcrill @aggroed I'm sure @inertia had something to do with something related to this

Also I still think this proves that steemit inc could put bidbots out of business undercutting them by offering cheaper prices for upvotes even at a loss, and sprinkling them into trending or leaving them "interleaved" as they said :) it would be so easy to just do this on steemit now and let people bid on a limited amount of steem and steemit upvotes AND offer free upvotes to the BEST non bid bot using users

And also burn steem in the process. Imagine people dumping thousands of steem at a time, greatly reducing the supply or acting as a counterweight to the inflation. It's really the way to go.

Awesome! There's still a few tweaks to make it a bit sleeker but it's on process.

This is excellent.... will give it a try.

I need some weed faucets..... and some weed ....

Pretty awesome. Soon it will be hard to distinguish the blockchains even tho they're all running on STEEM

Indeed, a smart feature! Even though I don’t smoke weed, I just check Weedcash network every day!

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I love this feature and I agree that more sinks will awesome.

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That’s what’s up communities coming out for any kind of faction. This will truly make steem’s blockchain even stronger!! Let’s make weedcash stronger!!!

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Hey, thanks a lot for this news.

I bumped onto weedcash accidentally and this is my first comment.

For all Steem users who are wondering what #weedcash is ...

Go here:

Join the party :)

@coffeebuds, When everything stays Organic then it adds so much value to platform and in a way clean environment also helps in expanding steps towards the Community Development.

@holger80 and @eonwarped, I want to appreciate both of you for adding this feature and these kind of steps adds more value and specially good to see something unique step on Steem Blockchain.

Wishing you'll successful journey ahead.

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