Weed and God

in weed •  last year

To smoke, for me, is not only a recreational experience, but a spiritual one as well. I can only begin to describe the intimacy of His presence when I seek him out in my heightened state. I suggest very much so that if you want to experience God and Universe in a brand new way, you meditate and invite Him to be present, and you just...wait. Really relax into you relationship with the world around you. Then you smoke. You can't rush it, you shouldn't rather. Seek him in prayer one time and then smoke, and he will speak to you in ways he's never done!8a4665fd-87c7-4c56-bbfe-48afb21bb7fb.jpg

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I’m in Southern Ca. So weed is normal around here.. like traffic. I’m human so God is normal around here.. like God. What’s your opinion on pregnancy and smoking weed? Thank you in advance!