Growing Morels With My Cannabis.

in weed •  last month 

I pulled this BEAUTIFUL Morel Mushroom from my garden today.
I always throw a few shroom strains into my Cannabis garden. Morelsare difficult to grow but with a lot of wood ash and honey along with piles of compost and sticks... I finally got my first Morel flush last year!
Here is the morel next to my Jamaican Tall boy for a size comparison! It really is huge! I walked around my garden this evening and shook the mushroom to drop spores. There should be more baby morels popping up in the cannabis area! Stay tuned.

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So you spread the spores around - that is so cool! I have noticed when drying wild mushrooms that the spores fall out - do they also do this when full of juice?

What is a 'flush' of Morel? I am such a noob!


So exciting :)


Mushrooms are full of water not juice lol. And yeah they drop spores outdoors. A flush is a growing round. :)

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