Wednesday walk in a fog

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Hello, guys!

How are you doing? Still go for a walk every day? Since I've purchased an activity tracker, it pushed me to 8000 steps every day :) Unfortunately, it connects only with proprietary software, so I can't use actifit. Anyway, my achievements aren't regular.

My mom came to visit me a week ago. It was her first visit to my new place, and, in fact, it was a business visit. she just stayed at my place instead of booking a hotel.

So, she is a kind of troubled person and very responsible. That's why she gave me an early start (much earlier than it was really necessary), so I had breakfast with her before my brain woke up. And when she went for her workshop, I didn't know what to do. It was too early to go to work, the weather behind the window was gloomy, foggy and wet. But I decided to walk before work and take some shots for @tattoodjay and hist weekly challenge. This is what I've got.


Looks like Parthenocissus is my favorite plant this autumn :) The fog was so sick that it feels like rain. I met only few people, they looked at me with the expression of wonder - what does she do between the trees in this kind of weather? I was not sure myself...





Okay, my catch was not big, and I got a bonus in the form of a cold. But I am almost okay now, tomorrow will be back at work again.

But I hope you view my post in a warm nice place :) Thank you for paying me a visit too!

See you,

I am with @qurator, and you?

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Nice colors

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Thank you

Sorry to hear you got a cold but your shots are warm And beautiful

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Warm as your words ) It is a pleasure!