Sharing the Wednesday walk with La Yunta.

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It is in my participation for this week's challenge on Wednesday's walk organized by @tattoodjay and with the collaboration of @elizacheng with Make me Smile.


The yoke of oxen is used almost exclusively to plow the field. The team consists of tying two oxen, and although it seems simple, it is not, since it requires a job that requires the right choice of animals, for this hard work choose male bovine specimens for their vigor and strength, the peasants state that it is very important that these oxen must be castrated to achieve the apacibity that this work requires.

Their choice begins when they are 2 years old as they have their muscular and ornamental development suitable for this job. These two copies must be a perfect match, both must meet the same physical conditions.


After having the choice of bovines, training for animals continues, we begin with placing weight on the head so that the animals become familiar with the work, the next step is to rinse the two animals so that, together, they continue the orders of the person carrying the yoke and finally when the animals are already accustomed to the yoke and the orders given to them, they continue to place a small plow according to the capacity and the years that the beasts have.




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Such an interesting post and great shots I had never thought about the process of selecting and training oxen

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


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Country life is so different, just breathing makes you feel full of life and the attention of its inhabitants makes you want to stay with them.

Ohh yes that I do agree with, and my plan is more country walk and less city ones :)

I assure you add a few more days for this wonderful life.

I can but hope,
Have a good weekend

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