A night walk on Wednesday. 🌕

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For this week's challenge on Wednesday's walk organized by @tattoodjay and with the collaboration of @elizacheng with Make me Smile.

For the beginning of this activity, which is my favorite, this new year came with some changes.

Para el desafío de esta semana en la caminata del miércoles organizada por @tattoodjay y con la colaboración de @elizacheng con Make me Smile.

Para el comienzo de esta actividad, que es mi favorita, este nuevo año llegó con algunos cambios.


The schedule for my walks has changed in a few days, particularly on Wednesdays I do the walks at the end of the afternoon.

This is a park near the town where my son lives, the weather is very cool, it has a path where you can enjoy and do some exercises, as it is an hour where people still return from work, the areas are not Very congested and I enjoy them much more.

El horario para mis caminatas han cambiado en algunos días, en particular los miércoles las caminatas las realizo al finalizar la tarde.

Este es un parque cerca de la localidad donde vive mi hijo, el clima es muy fresco, tiene una camineria donde se puede disfrutar y hacer un poco de ejercicios, como es una hora donde aún las personas regresan de sus trabajos, las áreas no están muy congestionada y yo las disfruto mucho más.


This is the same image of the cover which I edited to highlight the green areas that is what causes me the most pleasure, after taking a walk to warm my muscles I took off my shoes and caressed my feet with the grass, to That hour is cool and with a little moisture.

I have seen wonderful images that make me fall in love just watching them, this shot I took sitting in the middle of the road, from this point the view was pleasant, even the clouds did not deliver their whiteness at night.

He visto imágenes maravillosas que me enamoran solo observarlas, está toma la tomé sentada en medio de la camineria, desde este punto era agradable la vista, aún las nubes no entregaban su blancura a la noche.

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I appreciate your visit and invite you to leave your experiences in the walks Wednesdays with @tattoodjay.

The shared photos are my property, taken with my Xioami 8.

Las fotos compartidas son de mi propiedad, tomadas con mi Xiaomi 8.


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Looks like a wonderful evening walk, whenit is not to cold, I do love going barefoot onthe grass or sandy beaches it is so healing

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

This site is so nice, I'm sure I'll be showing more of it. Thanks for your comment.

I look forward to seeing more of it ;)

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