Wednesday Walk: Pink Bougainvillea

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For my #Wednesdaywalk today for @tattoodjay, I want to show a plant that interested me during a walk around an older area in my neighborhood.

This house has a cascading bougainvillea plant grown along the front.

Its pink flowers are striking and very attractive from afar, and delicate up close.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that this large a bougainvillea plant is growing in a medium-sized pot.

I have been wanting to grow a garden in pots in my front courtyard. The hardy bougainvillea plant that is tolerant of hot weathers may be good choice!


Thank you for viewing this article. I post every day, and I hope to see you again soon!

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😊Make it a lovely Wednesday!!!😊

Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!
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What dazzling, breathtaking flowers! The burst of color really stood out when @saffisara shared this post in PYPT this past week! 😊

Tons and TOns of plants planted, and flowers grown, and I ahve never tried bougainvillea!

Thanks, @saffisara for posting this on #pypt @pypt today.

You and I should each plant a bougainvillea!!!! That would be so cool!!! Thanks, @bluefinstudios for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate you! Have a beautiful day, my friend😀.

I have a shovel, and will text you my address, let me know when you're coming to plant!

This is so amazing and I love the flowers so much, that is a majestic plant to have in a pot 😍 your shots are amazing my sweet friend and I love how we dont only share interest in stacking, but also in flowers and garden 😀
Thank you for sharing and making me smile... Had to share this in #pypt

Have a wonderful evening sweet Sister. Much love 🤗💞🦋

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You are the sweetest, @saffisara! Thank you for sharing this article in #pypt. I am not familiar with #pypt, and I've got to find out more about it.
I don't know if you recall... but the first time I visited your blog for our initial engagement was to upvote and comment on your article about the flower blooms of your garden. It was you that motivated me to share my past home paradise of trees and flowers, roses mostly. I am glad that you responded to my offer of friendship, my dear stacking sister. We are both better because we are friends, even if we have not met each other in person. We should nurture it. I think that everyone we interact with either adds to or take something away from our person. There are so many toxic people in this world, and we really try to surround ourselves with good people who won't do us harm physically, psychologically, spiritually....
Have a fantastic evening, sweet @saffisara! Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!

I love bougainvillea, but alas they don’t grow up here. If I was in Cali I would have bougainvillea, lemons and giant succulents. 😍

Lemons and succulents! They say that a lemon tree grown in front of the house is lucky. I wonder what the history behind that belief. The only plants I have that thrive outdoors are succulents. And I only have the common ones, nothing spectacular. I imagine that a flowering bougainvillea plant in the courtyard will add some character to my entryway. Hmmm... I think I shall order one! Have a lovely week, what's remaining of it, sweet @dfinney. Gosh, it won't be long before Halloween is upon us! The THanksgiving, then I bring out my snowglobes again, hehehe!!! BTW, I love how you decorate your home in celebration of the seasons/occasions. I still recall the photos you've shared on your blog last year.

Oh, I wonder if it is bad luck for it to grow in the back yard?

Oh, I wonder if
It is bad luck for it to
Grow in the back yard?

                 - bluefinstudios

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Bunches of flowers. That is a lot

The entire plant was a delight to see, @teenagecrypto! Are you into plants as well?

Not really into plants but more into the color

Amazing 💕💖 yes they start small but grow and grow into really large beauties sprawling over the walls💖🥰💐 big hug to you from me🤗

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In this entire neighborhood, that house was the only one with bougainvillea that I know of! It is fascinating to look at! It looks very nice, and perhaps when it really starts cascading all over, it will be fabulous! I want to have that plant in my courtyard. Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋, @clitadias!

Very lovely bestie. What a view.🌹

You are FIRST to comment on this article, bestie!!! I really appreciate you, @silverd510. Thank you!🥰

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That is such a beauty Not sure i have ever seen one that big :) and the colors just leap ut and grab ones attentions

thanks for joining Wednesday walk :)

In my my bucket list, I added today: Learn how to use a “real” camera. I have an old point and shoot cheapie one, my old iPone takes better photos. So... I guess the first step is to save up to buy myself a good camera!😀

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Its always good to have a bucket list, but be warned photography can be an expensive hobby especially if you get a DSLR or mirrorless camera, where you suddenly get it in your mind that you need a new lens for this or that LOL

One option you may want to consider which is how I got back into photography is what they call a bridge camera, it has all the features and setting of a DSLR, but it has a fixed lens which means you cant be tempted to buy a new lens, the other plus is they are quite affordable

Thanks for the information and advice. I will certainly follow your lead, my friend @tattoodjay. And I suppose the bridge camera will be reasonably priced for the quality of photos it delivers. I am excited. This weekend, when I have the time, I shall start research about bridge cameras. What is the acronym DSLR stand for? Sorry... I am clueless about cameras. Thanks again for taking the time to mentor me!😀

Ohh yes bridge cameras can do great photos without a doubt

DSLR stands for digital single Lens reflex camera which basically means it uses a mirror and prism so the photography can see through the lens when taking a photo

Always glad to help

That's impressive it comes from such a small pot. I recently had to move an aloe plant to a larger one as it was getting crowded. Now it feels like the plant can breathe.

An aloe plant!!! Did you know that my Mom would cut a potion of a leaf from her aloe plant, then she’d wipe the sap onto the strands of my hair. This was when I was growing up. She passed a year before I graduated from the university. I appreciate you coming by and sharing about your aloe plant, my friend @themanwithnoname. It gave me an opportunity to send a prayer to heaven for my dearest mother.

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Glad I could help! It's nice to remember those who have blessed us and have passed on. Aloe has a lot of different uses, so it doesn't surprise me that your mom did that. @papa-pepper did a video on how he uses his aloe to keep his dreads clean and healthy. I can't remember when it was though, so I don't have a link. He's got lots of other good content though!

Yes... I follow @papa-pepper, and read about bitter melons! He obviously lives a beautiful and adventurous life, and seem to be a great father to the children. I imagine his kids having a lot of fun and learning many life lessons growing up in their homestead.

I have never seen one growing in a pot! That would be a great choice for your garden. Good job paying attention to what does well in your neighborhood!

The first times that I noticed how pretty bougainvilleas are was during a visit to New Orleans (before Katrina). It was a common plant choice hanging from decks and verandas. I think that they are very pretty! And reading more about it, they appear to thrive and remain evergreen during the winter months.😀. I love the Wednesday walk articles that fills my feed... so many beautiful photos. Life is beautiful!🥰😍

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I remember the first time I saw it growing was in Puerto Vallarta. I was astounded by how beautiful it was. It is certainly not something I had ever seen growing in Wisconsin!

Mexico!!! My girlfriends and I had planned a trip to Mexico (or Alaska as an alternate) for this year, but our plans fell through because it was all-must-go or no-one-goes thing of a trip. Instead, I went to Italy by myself during the past Easter season. Did you enjoy Mexico?

I was there years ago when my kids were teenagers. We had a wonderful time. My son and his wife recently returned from Tulum and they loved it there. I have not spent time in Italy, a few day trips over the boarder from France and a week in the Dolomites near Bolzano. Did you get to tour the famous places?

Wow, a large plant that can survive and thrive in a relatively small pot is so amazing. Sounds like a new productive past time for you.

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Walking and taking photos? Last month, I decided to take time to "smell the roses". My daily schedule is so hectic, I have forgotten to have quiet time for myself. Walking helps. That is why I love swimming laps (once a week I am in the pool). And soon... I will once again be tending to a garden .. this time not on a third of an acre lot, but a tiny front courtyard. Take care, sis @kerrislravenhill.
So... it is actually 2:31 am here. The Board meeting ended at 1:30 am, unbelievable. I am taking the day off tomorrow. And now... to bed! Good night, sis!

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