Snow Mountain Moose 🐴 Wednesday Walk

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Alaskan moose in my
driveway. Mountains of
snow piled high.

Mamma cow moose
calling Jr for some
twig snacks.


Look how big Jr is now!
And his camel hump.


Mom munching on willow
tips just look at those
moose lips!


Taking photos with the
smart phone through
the dirty windows.
Time for some spring
cleaning soon!


Mom starts the delicate
march across the yard.

Will take awhile to
melt these mountains.


Early morning moose
are nice to see. It had
been awhile since
seeing them.

Knew it was due time
they showed up!


Moms first to go
over the frozen mounds.


Jr follows along, carefully
picking their steps.


Even taking the
same steps at the
same time.


Same stepping again
over by the lilac tree.


And there they go
blending in with
the wilds.

Took awhile walking
around the window views
to get some current
moosie news.

Clicking the photos makes them bigger
Click again zooms them in.



#wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay

Tudor City Greens



#moosemonday by @shasta

Where the deer & yak
can also play!


#dailypetphotography by @dpet & @kona

#photocircle by @photocircle

#phototalent by @phototalent


March 6th 2019 8:04 PM Alaska


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Thank you so very much ❤ 🐟 @steemitboard! :-)

I'd be quite happy to see a moose in real life one day 😀
Great shots! Sounds like spring is still on the way?


Thank you so much @zirochka! I wonder how
near some moose would be to you? :-)

Spring is near! 🌸


Oh, I think a little scary, but much more of delight and excitement ))

How cool seeing moose out your window
Let spring come soon so you can clean your windows but they can wait fir now

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Thank you so much @tattoodjay! :-)
Maybe some April showers will help
in this task lol


We can but hope 😎

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Thank you very much @tattoodjay 💕 @tipu!

Moose on the loose! I see them here in Maine as well. Huge creatures, but cool to watch!


LOL is a bakery here by that name almost, the
moose is loose! Awesome you see them in Maine!
They walk so dainty :-)

Amazing captures of these beautiful animals. Thanks for sharing & Steem on :)

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Thank you very much @jcsteem!
You are most welcome! Steem on! :-)

Hi @shasta,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.


Thank you so much @dpet! 💕 🐾 @kona! :-)

How neat to have moose in your driveway! These look great and I wouldn't of even guessed that they were taken from a window! windows are I love that edit with the water! Hardly any snow at all here for the second year in a row but we still have time to get a big one in.


Good evening and thank you so much ❤ @deerjay! :-)
It is special when they show up here, sometimes
don't see them for a month or more.
This winter's been way more than the previous
three winters here. Came late and piled high.
Hope you don't get to big a late snow!


You're very welcome @shasta!! I'm glad they showed up and you got to capture them in photos!!

How good it was to see Mom and Jr again. Jr sure has grown and so have your mountains of snow! And you have grown too! Congratulations @shasta! : )


Thank you very much ❤ @whatisnew! :-)
Isn't that amazing how big he got and
darker coat. Shocking I also grew huh! lol