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Happy Halloween

There is a nip in the air, well
not really it is quite warm
here in Alaska.


Screenshot from Ventusky

Just look how far the warm
air has pushed to the north
of Alaska and the cold to the
south in the lower 48 USA.

I really like this weather site
lots of functions at Ventusky


Many orange things have
filled the stores with pumpkins
rolling out onto the floors.


Displays in the IGA store.


As the sun sets in the west
and the waters turn red.


The ghosts come out and
go floating about.


Screenshot from arcgis

On another note my old
stomping grounds are
burning up. California
fire info arcgis map



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#wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay

Guidelines can be found
here • Peter Detmold Park

Everyone's #wednesdaywalk
postings in order.
Link scrolls back many walks ago.


Thank you @otage for the cool street name!


Photos & words by @shasta Oct 30th 2019 4:04 PM O'rock Alaska

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Happy Hallows Eve!

Happy Halloween 🎃 @tolaramazan! :-)

🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃

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Thank you @galtsund! Happy Halloween 🎃 to you to! :-)

What cool shots and I had never seen that first sight before it is so cool I have bookmarked it thanks for sharing;)

and thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thank you so much @tattoodjay! :-)
Awesome I'm so happy you like that site! It's one
of my favorites!

I installed it on my phone and is my go to weather app now :)

Love your pumpkin walk !

Poor California !

Hope you are doing well.

Thank you very much @jacey.boldart! :-)
76% containment on the Kinkade fire today.
Doing well, thank you for asking, hope you
are doing well also!