Wet Wednesday Walk

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Wet Wednesday Walk

The winter weather here in Florida is general fairly mild. Every now and then a cold front passes through. When that happens it tends to bring a fair amount of moisture with it. That's what we've been experiencing the last few days. It rained most of last night and so there were lots of puddles greeting me on my walk this morning. Also, the rain had stopped, but the dark rain clouds were still hanging around.

This is my entry in the #wednesdaywalk challenge by @tattoodjay

The clouds

Canon G7X Powershot f/5.6 1/1250 sec 36.8 mm ISO 125

Canon G7X Powershot f/7.1 1/1250 sec 17.9 mm ISO 125

Canon G7X Powershot f/4.0 1/800 sec 8.8 mm ISO 125

Canon G7X Powershot f/4.0 1/400 sec 11.8 mm ISO 125

The puddles

Canon G7X Powershot f/4.0 1/400 sec 11.8 mm ISO 125

Canon G7X Powershot f/4.0 1/320 sec 36.8 mm ISO 125

Canon G7X Powershot f/4.0 1/320 sec 19.1 mm ISO 125

The Sandhill Crane

This is one of our resident Sandhill Cranes. Her mate is tending to the nest. Hopefully they will be introducing us to their baby chick in a week or two. She was hungry this morning and she followed be home to be fed.





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Love the cloudscapes, up top.

Sometimes I miss the "sudden" rains we used to have when I lived in Texas... here in the Pacific Northwest it's always very quiet drizzle.


We had steady rains here for a day or two. It's supposed to be clear for a while. During the summer late afternoon thunderstorms occur regularly. I don't think that I would care much for the constant drizzle.

Awesome shots and a great habit to take them on walks.

Winter in Florida? Seems laughable from way up north here!

Always loved the cranes and palm trees. I suppose all of the maple trees and herons we see all the time would look good to a southerner.

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Not all the cranes and herons here are snowbirds. Some take up permanent residency. This crane is a full time Florida resident.

Love the dramatic sky and how everything looks so nice and peaceful after the rain.


Thank you for your comments!

Those first few shots are so dramatic and intense, love the puddle reflections ad the cranes

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip


Thank you for your comments and the tip!


Most welcome, just my way of saying thanks for joining the Wednesday walk :)

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Wow ... awesome sky

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Thank you for your comments!

Nice Atmosphere - nice photography!


Thank you for your comments!