Wednesday Walk - The Chicks Have Hatched and New Blooms Opening Up...

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Time for another #WednesdayWalk an initiative from @tattoodjay!

On a previous Wednesday walk I had shared about a Phoebe bird nesting on our light outside our window, well now the baby chicks have hatched and momma bird is busy flying back and forth feeding them.
Have a look in the video below...

Momma Bird Feeding Her Chicks

Plus the Bumble Bees were busy in the comfrey flowers by our deck

Bumble Bee int the Comfrey Flower

Bumble bee on comfrey flower.JPG

The wild Tiger Lilies were in full bloom in the ditches by our road and the Saskatoon berries are filling out nicely - another week or two and they will be ready for picking!

Tiger Lilies Tucked in the Saskatoon Berry Bushes

Tiger Lily blooms by Saskatoon berry bushes.JPG

We had a lovely walk up the hill with the sweet smelling clover covering our pathway!

Walking the Dog Through the Clover Covered Trail

Don walking Bruno down clover covered trail.JPG

The clouds were moving in on the walk back from the hill making some interesting formations!

Clouds Making Interesting Formations for Our Viewing Pleasure While Walking the Dog

interesting cloud formations with Don walking the dog Bruno.JPG

More Interesting Clouds Forming Over the Spruce Trees

interesting cloud formations over spruce trees.JPG

As the sky was darkening it was time to get home for we've been having some pretty wicked thunder storms and I prefer being in the shelter of our home as to the forest lanes!

All images were taken with my Canon PowerShot A495

Thanks for stopping by!

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Good post and beautiful photos!

We are having the same brooding weather here. Cloud formations very similiar! Did the storm arrive? Very windy and wet here..

Thought of you the other day... was in the forest with a CACOPHONY of birds.... recorded it so will put on youtube and send the link .. xx

We have had such unsettled weather but not as severe of weather as earlier - just lots of clouds and rain!
At least i don't have to do any watering on the outside gardens - thanks to Mother Nature!
Lovely1 Looking forward to hearing the

CACOPHONY of birds
What kind of forest was it?

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I've never seen a Phoebe bird before. At first, when it dropped down after the second trip to the nest, I thought it looked like a Mockingbird. I looked up the Phoebe then, and I have never seen one. It says they're in Eastern North America, which is where I am, so maybe someday. :)

I had never seen them before and I live more in the north central part but they do make it this far some times and I guess they liked our place! You should be seeing more if you live in the eastern part.
I'm sure enjoying them and do hope they return each year!

I'll be looking for them in my neck of the woods then. Their populations must be increasing and spreading out more; at least that's what I hope!

Great photos and a lovely video capture of that mama Phoebe. I love the way they do that tail bob. My friends German Shepherd was here to visit me for 10 days while they were on vacation in Colorado, and I miss him dearly!

Do you have a dog of your own? They can certainly grow on you! Perhaps it's an excuse to visit your friend more often to see their dog!

I have not had any pets since our Shepherd died 5 years ago. I think about it, but some days I have all I can do to take care of myself! Plus with the costs involved with keeping a pet! It has become kind of a luxury that I don't feel like I can afford right now. Vet bills are so outrageous.
Because I don't have any animals I have become the go-to person for pet sitting. It gives me an opportunity to enjoy having an animal around, but then like grandkids, I get to send them home again!

Yes, having pets can be a luxury! That's a good way to have animals around and not be responsible for them all the time!

You've been visited by @thistle-rock from Homesteaders Co-op.

Awwww.... love the video! Momma birds sure are kept busy feeding little hungry ones... rehabbers feed little ones every 15 minutes, so I can feel for the Momma.

Beautiful photos! At least the rain keeps down the fires and makes everything nice and green.... says the gal who is hoping for more sunny days, lol!

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Yes I am grateful for the rain keeping the fires away - one of my biggest fears is forest fires! Plus I haven't had to water my outside gardens at all so that is a bonus but everything is growing including the weeds!
Here's hoping for some sunny days for the both of us!

Looks like it was a nice walk. Those clouds are something.

That video is so cool watching the busy bird feeding her young and beautiful shots on your wak

thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the tip!

Most welcome

Thanks, now I know what a tiger lily is ;) Apart from the name(s).

We had phoebes nesting in the barn. But then they insisted on building where the barn cats could reach the nest. :(( Then the bear came into the barn and now we keep the doors shut. So sad, as we liked the phoebes.

Loved the clouds photos! Your comfrey is lovely!

We're really enjoying them and hope they will be back next year.
That's not a good thing having a bear in the barn! Sad to close the door to the birds but necessary! Maybe they will find another spot close by!

wow the flowers, the bird hatching, the dog walking - everything is so lovely and lively.

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The best walks have a dog along. Thanks for posting.

Lovely pictures @porters

Thanks for taking us with you.


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