Wednesday Walk - Chilly Days Bring Friendlier Horses...

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I'm not sure what it was, perhaps the drop in temperature making for cooler mornings, but on our #Wednesdaywalk, not one set of horses came to greet us but two!

Even the black mare's foal from this year was super friendly as you can see in this video...

The three horses from this horse family came walking right to us and had Bruno checking them out as they were checking us out!

black mare and foal looking at Don and Bruno who are looking at them.JPG

My husband took the dog on for his walk and I stayed and petted the horses. Very surprised that they were so friendly!

Where I Usually View the Horse Family

Dougs black horses looking at us in field with last of fall colors.JPG

Usually they are off in the distance and will stop and look at us but this time they began coming to us as soon as we came on to the main road. I really enjoyed making friends with these youngsters!

I even tried taking a selfie (although I only caught half our heads!)
trying to take selfie of me and dougs youngest black horse.JPG

After having a good scratch and petting session I carried on and to my surprise when I turned the corner to go up the hill, my other neighbor's horses came walking up to the fence to greet us too!

4 of Jeremys horses standing looking at me 1 coming to fence.JPG

Eventually all five of the horses came over to check me out!

5 of Jeremys horses checking us out at fence.JPG

His youngest horse was the cutest with his huge blaze on his face! Don't you agree?

closeup of Jeremys young black horse with blaze on face.JPG

3 of Jeremys black horses eating grass over the fence.JPG

They were desiring the taller, lush grass on the other side of the fence, so I picked numerous handfuls for them then went on my way.

Just a few days after this our seasons changed and the young horse got her first experience of snow! Watch for more of our Winter Wonderland for the next #Wednesdaywalk!

Young Horse Experiences Her First Snow

Dougs youngest horse first snow.JPG

I used my Canon Powershot A495 for these shots for there was a lot of moisture in the air and I didn't want to take my good camera out. Hope you enjoyed!

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What a wonderful walk you get to have! Horses! And first snows!
I have had to stop walking (can't at the moment - arthritis!) but I think next Wednesday I'll do a post about a walk like this that I used to do almost every single day. Thank you for giving me the idea.

What cool videos and shots so cool that both sets came to see you and all of us that see this post

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :) )

What a nice walk! Thanks for sharing!

Are they being fed hay? If not, they may be looking for better forage/feed from you...

That blaze is cute!

They are so beautiful!! What a gorgeous place to live:)

@miti curation project.png

What a treat @porters :) Lovely video, I'm sure they loved the breakfast of fresh grass you shared with them. Beautiful creatures.

I can not get past the post with horses. I love these animals!)

Such a lovely post here my friend.
Carry a bag of carrots with you and you will turn them into lifelong friends.

@porters - great Wednesday walk! I love you little vids with the horses. I love horses. You've had snow already on the ground. We got our first flurries today, but it didn't stick.
@tipU curate

Manually curated by the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Those horses are just beautiful! They (horses) have such grace especially when trotting through a field.

How fortunate you are for quiet roads to amble along with the dog enjoying horses coming to greet @porters, snow arriving with seasonal change happening once again.

Wow!!!🐴🐎 Indeed a great WALK and SMILE post! Thanks for sharing this with us. And have to agree the young horse is cute... even though the selfie doesn't show half of you... but then it's still a good one...

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