Wednesday Walk

in wednesdaywalk •  19 days ago 

This is my post for #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay

I took all these pictures at the boat ramp

These little mangrove trees are striving to survive, but I do not think they will make it, they are on the concrete boat ramp.


My truck is the only one at the ramp


This plant is called Beauty Berry, It is native to Fl, the Indians would boil the roots and berries to treat fever and colic


Ready to pull the boat out


Mr Osprey was watching me


This gopher turtle was eating the grass as I drove by


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A beautiful spot for a walk thanks for sharing with us
Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

@tattoodjay you are welcome, it is my favorite boat ramp, all others look like parking lots

It does have character unlike the boat ramps here

Beautiful Wonderful Wednesday Walk @myjob. !!!!!
All fantastic photo's 🤗😍.
The boat ramp looks like a peaceful quiet spot. Lovely picture.

@annephilbrick thank you, I love this ramp, it is never busy and does not look like a concrete jungle