I want to give smile by my wednesdaywalk: walking in Macrohon

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I visited the content of @tattoodjay of his #wendesdayealk and I noticed there's an #makemesmile by @elizacheng. Well maybe my post for today will make you smile. But the images I'm going to share will have different time.IMG_20191029_172712.jpg

This image was taken when I stayed at the shore. Well, if you've been following my post you will know that in the shore where I always stay. Morning and afternoon I'll stay if I don't have something to do. I found the view was nice so I got my phone an captured it.

Tomorrow morning I sent my niece into her school. I wrote a content yesterday about the preparation of their activity.

The children has no class because they're doing practice for an upcoming activity. Most of the children were outside playing while waiting for the teacher to guide them.

Look, some children were in the faucet sitting. There are no words I could tell upon watching these kids. I'll just show it to you about my walk.
I kept on walking in the school and I wanted to find that will be cool to share.

This is the flagpole of the school. This is the place where they'll sing the national anthem. Sometimes if they school have an announcement this is the place where they will do it.

I went at the back of the school and I found this tree, actually this is the flower called gumamela. When I was a child we used to sip the flower because it's so sweet.

That's how my walk for today, sorry for a short words but my inages you can help me to state some words.

images are mine
huawei p8

d' dreamboy,

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Those first two images of the shore, water and sun... are breath-taking!!

yeah, I agree.. I'm curious how pretty it would be if I'll use the camera with bigger reach. Anyway thanks for dropping by..

Wow those first two shots are absolutely stunning! Nothing beats the colors of the sun along the water like that. Though the school looks like a nice place, as well. :)

I totally agree about the first two images but the feeling of seeing children so happy was also lovely feeling.

All such good shots but those first WOW they really did make me smile

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Totally agree on this! The first photo is amazing

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Thnaks so much appreciated :)

That looks like a really nice school! I hope the kids are happy there.

yeah, I found it cool also. I couldn't believe it's me who took this one. Maybe I have talent in taking photo.
anyway thanks for dropping by

what a click dear

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Beautiful sunset view..thanks for share your Wednesday memories.

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thanks, it's true


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